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Archiv VR, in collaboration with Authentic.Art, presents a major breakthrough in the world of digital art. Our Virtual Reality Digital Gallery platform redefines quality standards by offering virtualized digital artworks of exceptional clarity. Every detail is meticulously reproduced, raising artistic standards beyond the usual. This innovative partnership offers much more than just a virtual reality art gallery. Each work is secured by NFT tokens, guaranteeing the authenticity and traceability of the pieces on display. This unrivalled security system places artists and collectors at the heart of a protected and reliable environment. Beyond security, our commitment to quality is evident in every pixel. Every work of art is carefully virtualized to above-average standards, offering art lovers an unparalleled visual experience. Our interface, designed to be as intuitive as it is sophisticated, guarantees an effortless user experience. This collaboration goes beyond the simple online art exhibition. It offers a new way of disseminating, securing and making art accessible, providing artists and enthusiasts with a platform where creativity is preserved in its purest form, while being accessible to the whole world. Welcome to the future of digital art, where artistic excellence meets technological innovation.

Archiv VR, in collaboration with Authentic.Art, is revolutionizing digital art with a Virtual Reality Digital Gallery. Each artwork is virtualized with exceptional clarity, secured by NFT tokens to ensure authenticity and traceability. Beyond quality, the intuitive interface provides an unparalleled visual experience. This collaboration redefines the dissemination and accessibility of art, marrying artistic excellence and technological innovation in the future of digital art.


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In collaboration with Authentic Art, we ensure the digital data protection of original works and their digital duplicates. This authentic digital certificate safeguards artists' rights and guarantees full traceability. Our customers benefit from a user-friendly dashboard, providing easy access to source files. This innovative management system ensures complete traceability and absolute control over data and content. Our powerful, efficient solution goes beyond today's challenges, positioning itself as a gateway to the digital future. In a world where technologies and security devices are constantly evolving, our commitment to adaptability and the exploration of new technologies, such as blockchain and cybersecurity, ensures that your valuable content is preserved and protected. Your virtual heritage is in safe hands with Archiv VR, where innovation and reliability combine to ensure the longevity of our digital legacy.

high quality

In our VR gallery, commitment to quality is our cornerstone. We don't just store and distribute virtual works of art, we raise the bar. Every detail, every texture, every nuance is preserved with exceptional precision. We've set a minimum quality standard to enhance every piece of art, whether it's digital twins capturing every curve and contour, or digital originals in all their splendor. Our commitment to high quality ensures that every work of art in our gallery is presented with breathtaking clarity, capturing the essence and emotion of the artist.


Our aim is to make access to virtual reality as easy as possible. With our intuitive, user-friendly web interface, setting up or modifying your gallery is a breeze. We understand that art has to be accessible, which is why we've simplified every step of the process. Whether you're an emerging artist looking to showcase your work, or a passionate collector wanting to create your own virtual space, our user-friendly platform makes it hassle-free. What's more, our direct integration with VR headsets makes the experience even more immersive, allowing you to dive straight into your gallery and explore art like never before.


The security of your works of art is our top priority. In partnership with Authentic.Art, we go beyond conventional standards. Every work in our gallery is secured in the form of tokens, in compliance with Canada's strict intellectual property and copyright laws. This unrivalled security system guarantees the authenticity of each piece, while ensuring copyright traceability for artists and collectors alike. So you can exhibit and collect with confidence, knowing that your art is protected at every level.


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